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What Are The Advantages Of An Environmentally Friendly Cable Compared To Other Traditional Cables?
Dec 07, 2017

Environmentally friendly cables have the following advantages over ordinary cables:

The first is a high flame retardancy, we all know that the flame retardant performance of the cable is very important, completely ensure the safety of the fire-proof cable, the cable is not easy to burn fire, and can prevent the expansion of the flames.

The second is halogen-free, green insulation, special oxygen barrier material, not only has a good electrical performance, mechanical properties, and to ensure that the product does not contain halogen, to prevent the combustion process to form a traditional PVC wire to produce carcinogenic dioxin-like materials, in order to prevent two of pollution.

The third is no odor and corrosive odor, does not contain hydrochloric acid and other toxic gases, environmental pollution-free production of new environmentally-friendly coating of wire and cable materials, the use of the process and combustion will not produce or very little emissions of acidic gas, to ensure the safety of personnel and reduce equipment damage and other environmental characteristics.

The fourth one is the high transmittance, environmentally friendly cable burning smoke is very thin, conducive to the evacuation and fire fighting work. Product transmittance is greater than 40%, far higher than the traditional flame-retardant cable transmission rate of less than 20% of the standard or even higher.

The last is environmentally friendly cable waterproof anti-ultraviolet performance, environmentally friendly wire and cable special molecular structure to ensure that the production of ultra-low water absorption rate of green materials. Special ultraviolet absorbent, so that the product has a good anti-ultraviolet performance.