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Pollution Flashover Of Pillar Insulator And Its Prevention
Dec 07, 2017
Insulators running outdoors will be contaminated by dust, soot and industrial emissions, forming a foul layer on the porcelain surface. The polluted insulator occurs along the surface flashover under the action of the voltage, and the flashover voltage is referred to as the pollution flashover pressure. In the dry state, the flashover voltage of insulators is not affected by surface pollution, however, in the fog, dew, snow, drizzle and other climatic conditions, the insulator surface of the dirty layer damp, the flashover voltage is greatly reduced, resulting in pollution flashover accident, even under the operating voltage will occur pollution flashover accident. Pollution flashover accident is characterized by long time, can not be used automatically to eliminate, the accident is easy to expand, resulting in a large area of power outages, overhaul recovery time is long, seriously affecting the safe operation of power system.
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