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Cost of multi-power electric fence
Dec 07, 2017

                                   High costs hinder the spread of electronic fences to some extent. Mr. Liu Dongming, of the American Electric Power Industry marketing center, has said that the power to monitor the system's capital investment is fixed. In fact, this is also in line with the market situation of electronic fence, but the electronic fence than the cost of infrared radiation, for the one or two-line city, the popularity is around the corner. But many substations are located in remote areas, although the substation is subsidized by government funds, but the characteristics of the products to some extent reduce the electronic fence business opportunities. Electronic fence on the current point of view, can be said to be a relatively mature technology perimeter alarm products, so the use of a longer period of time, if the market demand is saturated, will be electronic fence supply enterprises are less business opportunities, from this point of view, the electronic fence market is the buyer happy sellers worry about it.