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Multi-powered Electric Fence Energizers
Dec 07, 2017

The electronic fence is an intelligent perimeter guard system consisting of a pulse generator (host) and a front-end fence, as well as related control equipment. Modern public safety electric fence after many years of evolution and improvement, has become a new, mature perimeter alarm products, it changes in the past perimeter to prevent the simple post facto alarm of the traditional mode, emphasizing to block (physical barrier, manufacturing intrusion barriers) mainly, Alarm (sound and light alarm and other security system linkage) supplemented by deterrence (reduce the desire to commit the crime) the role of the new concept of perimeter security. Compared with the infrared radiation, it has a lower false alarm rate, more deterrent role, active protection strong several advantages, the most important is the easy to achieve anti-theft alarms and monitoring system linkage. These advantages are beneficial to the application of electronic fences in the important field of electric power.

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