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Mains Electric Fence Energizers
Dec 07, 2017

The porcelain insulator produced by Japan NGK Company has always been famous for its good quality, its annual deterioration rate in Japan is far lower than that of China's domestic porcelain insulator, which is not only related to the gap between porcelain insulator and Japanese NGK insulator manufacturing level, but also to the Japanese transmission line, which uses the arc angle. Strengthening the protection of insulators is closely related.

The lightning discharge and the operation impact discharge (excluding the abnormal discharge of the long insulator string operation Impact) always choose the shortest flashover path, and the easiest way of air free breakdown occurs. Transmission line insulator string adopts the arc angle, once the line is struck by lightning, lightning discharge arc and power frequency continuous arc does not along the insulator string and in the two strokes arc angle of air gap formation. Thus, the discharge arc is prevented from ablation of porcelain and gold with porcelain insulator and electric shock inside the umbrella plate.