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Electronic Fencing Network Leads The Perimeter Security Outbreak New Revolution
Dec 07, 2017

The electronic fence originated from the mobile pasture, which was used to delineate the range of livestock activities by means of direct-current electric conductors. As a result of this simple "electronic fence" can control livestock operations, external and can prevent the invasion of large animals or beasts, and easy to install simple movement, at that time, the development of animal husbandry played a great role in promoting, so far, still widely used in some animal husbandry more developed countries.

With the development of the whole industry, the electronic fence system with deterrent and alarming function has been introduced in the Social public security field in the late 90. While providing the two basic functions of security blocking and alerting, the product itself has the function of circuit breaker, short circuit and electric loss monitoring, which can fully ensure the normal and stable operation of the machine. Since then, the electronic fence perimeter alarm system industry began to flourish.

After that, for security and accuracy considerations, the market has introduced a new generation of adjustable output voltage and the freedom to switch the high and low voltage mode of intelligent electronic fence products. This stage some products also have remote control or long-distance operation and many other functions, for large-scale application in villas, residential areas to provide more convenient conditions.

Then, in order to conform to the network trend of security, using the Internet to realize the network of electronic fence products will become a new trend of perimeter security protection system. The network electronic fence system that is now visible is usually made up of front-end electronic fences, fence control host, with network function of Intelligent control keyboard and control management software, such as the user can be through the network to monitor the network of electronic fencing system, to achieve real-time alarm information transmission, data interaction and remote supervision functions.