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Electric Fencing Supplier Leosec Attend The Industry Meeting in Guangzhou
Jan 15, 2018

Recently, Guangdong Security Association hosted the "Eighteenth Security Employees鈥 Education and Training Conference" in Guangzhou. Hundreds of leading experts and more than 160 security industry practitioners in the security industry gathered to exchange ideas on the conference.


At the meeting, electric fence supplier Leosec Product Manager Mr.Fang made a speech around the nowadays perimeter alarm product,such as the security electric fencing, optical intrusion system and etc. He emphasized that "Optical Vibration Intrusion Detector System Passive design, will not produce electromagnetic interference or electromagnetic radiation, anti-lightning, does not produce leakage damage, is very suitable for flammable and explosive places where need perimeter alarm products. "


Both the experts and the security person at the meeting learned a lot from the conference. To certain extent, they understand the status of the technology development systematically in the industry,  also it is very instructive for their future work and enhances their qualifications and technical capabilities which will also benefit themselves. Electric fencing manufacturer LEOSEC will make a great accomplishment in future years.