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Advantages Of Pulsed Electronic Fences
Dec 07, 2017

Pulse electronic fence compared with traditional perimeter security products, it has more advantages:

1, the pulse of the electronic fence at the same time, no harm to the human body, can really achieve block, deterrence and alarm. While the traditional infrared radiation on the foreign invaders will not be blocked, while the High-voltage power grid can play a powerful role in blocking, but because of the powerful AC power can lead to human injury and even death, very dangerous.

2, the pulse electronic fence relative to the infrared radiation, vibration and induction system, with very low false alarm rate, and its installation and debugging convenient, high reliability, in the act of alarm, than infrared to shoot more deterrent force.

3, pulse electronic fence system to host equipment as the core, simple system structure, from the installation and commissioning, maintenance, service life and other comprehensive factors to consider clearly than the existing perimeter security products is a better choice.

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