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The composing principle of pulse electronic fence system
Dec 07, 2017

The perimeter guard alarm system of pulsed electronic fence is composed of three parts: Pulse host, system front end fence with pulse high voltage signal, linkage alarm (optional part). Pulse generator generates pulse high voltage signal output to the front-end fence, and the pulse high voltage signal is transmitted back to the receiving end of the pulse host after forming the loop on the front fence. When someone invades or destroys the front fence or work abnormal (fault, cut off the power supply), the Pulse host linkage alarm interface will output alarm signal to the management center of the security linkage equipment (such as central alarm host, monitoring system, sound and light alarm, etc.).

The Pulse electronic fence system is mainly to deter deterrence, and has short fault, short circuit and main fault alarm function. Because the system front-end fence is a physical barrier and has a high voltage pulse signal, it hinders the intruder and has a great sense of psychological deterrence, which increases the opportunity cost of intruders crossing the perimeter fence.

The system basically does not have the false alarm, the system is not affected by the weather, the terrain, the small animal, the plant foliage and so on. The front-end fence is a visible fence that can be installed with the terrain and can be done without blind spots or dead ends. Ps: Pulse host output pulse high-voltage signal energy is very small, low frequency, no harm to the human body.

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