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Security Electric Fence FAQ
Dec 18, 2017

1. What is electric fence?

An electric fence energizer converts mains or battery power into a high voltage pulse. The energizer releases a very short-duration, safe, high voltage pulse on to an insulated fence line about once every second. 

This pulse is commonly refers to as the 鈥渟hock鈥 and is felt by the intruder or animal which touches an electrified fence. In the event of voltage drop caused by either shorting or cutting, the system will trigger an alarm and alter you. The non-lethal high voltage pulse electric fence serves as a deterrent towards any attempt break in or get out. The electric fence system is used for animal management and for security purpose.


2. What is the advantage of security electric fence?

Easy installation on exiting wall or fence, or as a stand-alone perimeter fence. Temporary or permanent electric fence.

24/7 automated detection, deterrence & delay

Monitor entire area in real time

Cost effective solution; reduce cost of security personnel, low maintenance cost

Buys you extra reaction time, value added to the property


3. Is security electric fence cost effective compared with traditional fence?

Materials needed and labor required to build electric fence are both significantly less than for barbed wire or mesh fence etc. A standard system consumes less than 40 watts fully armed. This is comparable with a small light bulb. And the electric fence provides better protection for your places.


4. Is the electric fence system safe?

Yes, the energizer components system designs, and installation, comply with product standards IEC60335-2-76 and CE certified. The electric shock is pulse and non-lethal. The system is high voltage but low current. Deter & delay the intrusion but it is completely safe.


5. How much does an electric fence system cost?

The cost depends on the type of system, length, wall top, full fence, fence height, number of gates, corners etc. A site survey is required to provide a supply and installation cost.


6. What about false alarm? Is the system prone to false alarm due to changes in the weather, heavy rain or wild animals?

No, unlike other perimeter systems, Pulsed Fence technology and signal processing ignores these forms of interference. Only when the fence is cut or the circuit is short, then it will generate alarm.


7. Is the system compatible with other security systems and equipment?

Yes, the system can be installed as a stand-alone system or directly interfaced with any other type of intruder alarm, access control, CCTV camera or integrated security system. This is for all functions including arming, disarming alarm monitoring and signaling. It can be integrated with 3rd party security system either by hardware like energizer, keypad, and module or by software with SDK developed.


8. Is it possible for the system to be on and monitor the perimeter security without high voltage features?

Yes, a fully monitored HV/LV system for the protection of storage yards, car parks and sites such as garden centers and factories, where authorized people can be exposed to the system without the risk of the high voltage feature. During the daytime the system is fully monitored using a unique Low Volt system. When the premises are vacated the system can be armed with the additional feature of the High Voltage deterrent. You may set the HV/LV mode on energizer or keypad.


9. Is it possible to set a large area into different zones for better monitoring?

Yes, the system can set the perimeter into many zones. Normally we suggest 100 meters per zone and it will let you know which zone there is intrusion and reduce the response time for the security personnel. Of course you may make it 200 meters, 300 meters per zone or even longer.


10. What power sources available for the system?

The system can be multi power sources supported.

Main power AC 110V, AC 220V, AC24V

Battery: DC12V

Solar power where main power is not accessible and black out is happening.


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