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Maintenance and management of electric edge
Dec 07, 2017

Insulator Cleaning

In humid weather conditions, the dirty insulator easily occurs flashover discharge, so must clean up, restore the original insulation level. A year in general

Sweep once, the filthy area is swept two times a year (before the fog season).

1. Blackout sweeping

The blackout is to clean the workers after the power outage. If the wipe is not clean, can be used wet cloth wipe, also may use the detergent to scrub, if also scrub not clean, should replace the insulator or the synthesis insulator.

2. No power failure sweeping

It is generally used to rub insulators on the running line by using an insulating rod with a brush or a cotton yarn attached. The electrical performance and effective length of the insulating rod used, the distance between the person and the charged part should conform to the corresponding voltage level, and must be monitored by someone in operation.

3. Rinse with live water

Two ways of rushing and flooding. The washing water, the effective length of the lever, the distance between man and the charged part must conform to the requirements of the industry regulations.

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