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Main function of electronic fence
Dec 07, 2017

1. With physical barriers, active counterattack, delay intrusion, accurate alarm and other characteristics

2. based on pulse mechanism, strong anti-interference ability, wide application scope

3. Adapt to any complex terrain environment, easy to implement

4.0 false positives, high reliability (overcoming the traditional infrared, inductive, vibration cable and other technical defects, alarm basically not affected by climate, terrain, trees, small animals and so on.

5. No blind area, no dead end, no loopholes. The front-end fence is a visible fence that can be erected arbitrarily as the terrain rises and lows.

6. Full ownership of intellectual property rights, built-in a number of patented technology

7. Authoritative testing, to ensure the protection of the strength of the human body without harm, safe and reliable through the Ministry of Public Security and police electronic Products testing center type inspection through the provincial quality and technical supervision of the quality and technical standards of products approved by the Security Bureau security products production and sales license

8. based on "block-oriented, alarm supplemented" new perimeter protection concept, in order to protect against the reduction of incidence, through strong blocking and accurate alarm to achieve early response

9. Set "strong block, deterrence counterattack, intelligent alarm" function in one deterrent: a front-end fence with high-voltage pulsed electricity gives intruders a great deterrent: visible fences bring many obstacles to intruders: such as forced intrusion, the system automatically emits sound, light alarm, and other security systems can be linked (such as alarm host, Video surveillance System, CCTV, 110 alarm, etc.).

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