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How To Choose Electric Fence Energizer
Dec 18, 2017

The heart of the electric fence system is the energizer. So choose the right electric fence energizer is the most important part.


First thing you need to consider is the power source. Whether it is accessible to the Main power 110V, 220V or remote areas and is it permanent electric fencing or portable electric fence? There are basically three types of power supply for the electric fence energizers

1. Main Power: 110V AC, 220V AC

  • Advantages:

  • Very powerful, useful for long haired animals, fences with strong vegetation and long fences

  • Low consumption

  • Secure installation at buildings

  • Attention:

  • Less flexible for portable fences

  • Lightning protection recommended to use as the energizer is connected to the power supply.


2. Battery Electric Fence Energizer

  • Advantages:

  • Powerful, useful for long haired animals, fences with strong vegetation and long fences

  • Operated with rechargeable batteries

  • Solar operation possible

  • Portable

  • Attention:

  • Charging time to consider

  • Theft danger 


3. Solar Electric Fence Energizer

  • Advantages:

  • Environment friendly

  • Light and handy, portable

  • Long operation times with solar energy

  • Attention:

  • Power for long haired animals and long fences not powerful enough

  • For mobile fences we recommend battery electric fence energizer

  • Theft danger 


Second you need to consider the application of the fence, whether for the small animal or for large animal; for home garden, yard or keep the wild life like squirrels, raccoons, hogs, bears off the area. For large animals especially hairy, you will need more powerful electric fence energizer for protection. While for small animals, less powerful energizers can be used for economical.


Third, you need to consider the fence length. For large areas, you need more powerful electric fence energizer to protect. 

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