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How Does An Electric Fence System Work
Dec 18, 2017

The core of the fence system is a suitable energizer. The principle is simple. Deterrence by short harmless shocks. By this short electrical shock animals get trained not to pass the barrier of the fence. Animals respect the fence as an enclosure or boundary.

The energizer sends out power for the pulse electric shock

These power impulses get transported by the fence material through the complete fence.

When the animal contacts the fence, the power impulse goes though the animals body into the ground. Power goes through the ground over the earth stakes back to the energizer.

Animal therefore closes the fence circuit and receive a short deterring shock which gives the animal respect for the fence.

Power impulse is short and effective. Animal respects the fence as a barrier. So it will no longer pass the barrier.


Agriculture Electric Fence


The Fence System Including:

1. Electric energizer: The high voltage transports output energy Joules!

Energizer sends power out 鈥 duration and strength of power causes short safe shocks 鈥 called impulses.

Impulse duration is between 0.1 and 0.3 thousandth of a second.

Impulse distance is between 1 to 1.4 seconds.

Power given into fence is measured in Joules.

Power at fence is measured in voltage 鈥 voltage is needed to overcome animal鈥檚 skin.  This is needed to feel Joules.

Right choice of energizer 鈥 depends on fence length, vegetation growth and sensitivity of your animal.

2. Fence material: Transports the power along the fence

For fences with more than one fence line the lines get connected in regular distances with each other. Connectors and connection material supports disturbance-free operation. Use high quality material with low resistance.

3. Insulators, posts and gate handles: make sure that power does not run into ground.

Insulators, plastic posts and gate handles prevent unintentional loss of conductivity and keep fence material in its place. Fence material is resistant against high voltages and UV-stabilized.

4. Earth stakes: provide good earthing of energizer

To not lose power through the ground 鈥 especially with dry, frozen, stony or sandy ground (bad conductivity) 鈥 it is important to use earth stakes which are long enough to reach deeper and damper ground. Please pay attention to our recommendation for each energizer.



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