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Electric Fence Accessories Installation Manual
Dec 18, 2017

1. Design Sketch

Electric Fence Accessories Installation

2. Installation Processes

 Installation Processes

2.1  Installation of PV pole

1) Pv pole & accessories

Pv pole & accessories

2) Installation of PV pole base

Installation of PV pole base

Put the pv pole into the pipe and match with the universal base. Then make it tight with M4*14 screw. The angle is flexible to adjust. 

3) Installation of PV pole insulator 

Installation of PV pole insulator

Put insulator on the pv pole, then adjust the gap(normally 20cm) and make it tight with M4*10 screw. 

4) Installation completed

Installation completed

2.2  Installation of supporting ple

1) Supporting pole & accessories

Supporting pole & accessories

2) Installation of universal base

Installation of universal base

Tight universal base and supporting pole with M6*45 screw.

3) Installation of insulator

Installation of insulator

 Put insulator on the supporting pole and make it tight with M4*10 screw.

4) Installation completed


2.3  Installation of terminal pole

1) Terminal pole and accessories

Terminal pole and accessories

2) Installation of terminal pole base

Installation of terminal pole base

Tight universal base and terminal pole with M6*50 screw. 

3) Installation of terminal pole insulator

Two directions insulator

Two directions insulator

Put insulator on the erminal pole

Put insulator on the terminal pole and tight with M4*10 screw.

Installation completed

Installation completed

2.4  Installation of alloy wire

Installation of alloy wire

Put alloy wire through the insulator and wire connector then make it tight.

Installation of arrester

Install the arrestor vertically锛宑onnect with top wire with high voltage insulated conductor. Make sure it is straight and tension is equal on all directions. 

Installation of warning sign

Installation of warning sign

The warning sign is made of PVC material with warning silk screen on both sides and last for years. Tight it with the top alloy wire with nylon cable. Warning sign should be at every 10 meters to make sure easy to be seen.

Installation of energizer and enclosure

Installation of energizer and enclosure

There are two types of installations of enclosure: on the ground and mounted on the wall. If on the ground, make sure put it on the horizontal cement floor. If mounted on the wall, make sure it is fixed firmly. The wire should be put into the pipe accordingly and to connect the fence.

The wiring of the energizer is different varies from the models, above is the single zone energizer for your reference. For other models, please refer to the instruction or contact us for support.

2.5 Installation of siren

Installation of siren

Put the siren on the supporter and then fix on the terminal pole with screw. Above is the wiring of the 12V charger and the relay with the energizer. 

Electric fence front end accessories installation: 

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