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Development trend of electronic fence
Dec 07, 2017

Most of the perimeter alarm system is still on the front-end alarm and single equipment control management, such as to achieve cross-regional remote control and rationale, must rely on the third-party alarm system integration. But the provider of the alarm system may not be able to provide open protocols and interfaces, it is difficult to form a unified integrated platform, resulting in a unified planning of the security system into a "decentralized management" system.

Especially the electronic fence system, it not only needs to realize the alarm, but also through the high-voltage pulse to play the role of blocking, deterrence and so on. Therefore, when it is linked with other security systems, most electronic fence systems can only be based on the switch signal interaction, and the police situation in situ view. It is not possible to realize the working state of electronic fence system in real-time, and can not deploy the working parameters of pulse electronic fence remotely.

With the security industry entering the network, according to market feedback, network security products continue to rise in demand, as the army of the network security products-network electronic fence will also rely on its sophisticated system technology and market price system to complete the electronic fence network of technological innovation, not only to meet the real needs of users, but also to fill the gap in the market.

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