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Development of Insulators
Dec 07, 2017

According to "China insulator arrester industry production and marketing demand and investment forecast analysis report" shows that there are nearly 200 lines of insulators manufacturing enterprises, which have a certain scale of production of enterprises around 40. More than 100 countries in the world have adopted toughened glass insulators, the number of more than 200 million tablets. As the power grid construction speeds up, compared with porcelain insulator, domestic glass insulator development is more rapid, its market demand, and constantly attract other enterprises to enter this field. Since 2004, China's insulator arrester industry's main business income continues to grow rapidly, the average annual growth rate is close to 25%. With the improvement of China's insulating products manufacturing technology, as well as the speed of economic development in East Asia and South Asia, the domestic major enterprises seize the opportunity to actively open up the international market, the industry's export delivery value increased year by year. According to the relevant research forecasts, 2012-2015 China insulator arrester manufacturing industry sales revenue annual compound growth rate of 17.83%, 2015, domestic insulator arrester industry sales revenue will reach 40.3 billion yuan.

According to statistics, 2010 China's power generation capacity of 962 million kilowatts, year-on-year growth of 10.08%. As an indispensable component of transmission and transformation equipment, insulator arrester is inseparable from the development of power industry.

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