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Development history of electronic fences
Dec 07, 2017

Electronic guardrail after a long period of development, roughly experienced three stages:

1.The first stage: electronic guardrail originated in Europe's mobile pasture, shepherd for the needs of grazing, pull a wire, through the direct current, the formation of a simple electronic fence, so that livestock in a certain range of activities. Postwar in Europe, the proportion of animal husbandry in agriculture is very high, a large number of animal husbandry market demand to promote the "electronic fence" development and promotion. Cattle and sheep, such as the "electronic fence" of the shock barrier and return, very good to play the role of "shepherd", but also prevent the large animals or monsters outside the circle into the development of the animal husbandry at that time played a greater promotion, at present in some animal husbandry more developed countries are still playing a larger role.

2.The second stage: with the whole "electronic guardrail" industry development and in-depth, product accessories and more and more types, in the late 90 with a block and alarm function of intelligent perimeter security alarm system, began to be specialized in social public security, it has a circuit, short circuit, At the same time, the power loss alarm function is also adhering to the security barrier function of the electronic fence. The product takes full account of the initiative and wisdom of people, can accurately determine the unintentional touch, vandalism, illegal intrusion and other situations, is the current perimeter security project better choice.

3. The third stage: with the demand for product performance and function more and more high, product needs more humane, with more multi-functional products began to appear. The second phase of product output pulse voltage constant, in this way, when the length of the perimeter changes, the voltage of the front end will appear too high or too low with the length of the perimeter, and when the product is installed in a villa or community with a lower wall, the phenomenon of accidentally hitting a child or nearby staff will occur during the day. Based on the above problem, now there is the ability to adjust the output voltage and can be set high voltage mode, Safe mode switching function of more advanced products, when switching to safe mode, the hand touch the electronic cable no sense of shock, but if destroyed, will still send a warning signal. At the same time, this phase of the products have remote control operation, long-distance operation and other functions, for the large-scale application in villas, community provides a better product.

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