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Design idea of pulse electronic fence system
Dec 07, 2017

     Combined with the technical characteristics of security facilities, and from the overall management of the intelligent system, design in the perimeter of the wall built the pulse electronic fence detectors to protect, the center set up alarm receivers and other equipment, constitute the perimeter alarm system. Front-end equipment is mainly electronic fence, electronic fence system is a "tangible" alarm system, real to give people a sense of deterrence, so that the intruder added a psychological pressure, so that the alarm system and vigilance system organically combined to prevent the main, the purpose of the combination of prevention and reporting. The electronic pulse scans every wire in the electronic wall 60 times per minute, with a peak of 0.7-10,000 volts per pulse, making it difficult for intruders to climb. In addition, if the system is in short circuit, the net system will send the alarm signal. It can also be used with any alarm system to improve the level of prevention.                                 

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