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Classification of insulators
Dec 07, 2017

1.Insulators are usually divided into breakdown type and non breakdown type.

2. According to the structure can be divided into column (pillar) insulator, suspension insulator, pin insulator, butterfly insulator, tighten insulator, anti-fouling type

Insulators and casing insulators.

3. According to the application occasions are divided into line insulator and power station, electrical insulator. The breakdown type insulator for the line is needle-type, butterfly-shaped, disc-shaped, and can not be penetrated with transverse and rod-shaped suspension. The breakdown type insulator for power plant and electric appliance has needle strut, hollow pillar and casing, and the non breakdown type has rod-shaped pillar and container porcelain sleeve.

4. Insulators used in overhead lines, such as needle insulator, butterfly insulator, suspension insulator, porcelain transverse, rod insulator and tighten insulator.

5. Commonly used insulators are: Ceramic insulator, FRP insulator, composite insulator, semiconductor insulator.

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