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Agriculture Electric Fence FAQ
Dec 18, 2017

1.Which energizer should I use?

It depends on your situation. Leosec makes many models with different capabilities.

  • The questions to answer include:


  • What animal are you controlling?

  • Domestic stock will take less power to control than fencing wildlife out of an area.


  • How big an area do you need to fence?

  • Obviously, you will need a bigger energizer to carry adequate power on larger jobs. If there is a large vegetation challenge for the fence you will need more power. Plan now for any additions you may need down the road, too.


  • What power source is available?

  • If you can, use a 110 or 220-volt plug-in energizer. If you can't, there is a wide range of battery and solar units available.


  • Do you need a permanent or portable system?

  • If your needs dictate a portable system, one of our solar kits may fit well.


2. What is a Joule?

A measurement of energy. A joule is a unit of work equal to product one watt for one second. It Is the measure of the pop, snap, shock, or kick or the pain/discomfort of the output pulse felt by the animal.


3. Will my animal get hurt when he hits the fence?

No the energizer puts out a pulse every second or less so there is time for the animal to get away from the fence. And the animals will learn and not get close to the fence.


4. Why is it best to run multiple hot wires instead of just one?

With more wire there is less resistance to current flow in the wires and less of the voltage is dropped in the line itself, which leaves more to shock the animal.


5. Is it OK to hook up a power fence energizer to barbed wire?

No. Animals can become entangled and trapped in the barbed wire, and while the shock emitted by our energizers is not sufficient to kill or seriously wound a farm animal, the stress of being trapped and repeatedly shocked can.


6. How do I start building my electric fence?

For best results, we recommend that you buy an energizer recommended by Leosec for your application. Ensure you install a good earth system and test its effectiveness as explained; use high-quality wires with good conductive characteristics and high specification insulators (Note, energizers with high joules will require better insulation than low output ones so always select appropriate products). Service the fence regularly by checking the voltages on the fence and earth and clearing vegetation growth.

7. What are the advantages of electric fence over conventional barrier fence?

Electric fencing costs less, is easier to install, requires less maintenance and can control livestock better than barbed wire or many other types of fencing. In addition, livestock are frequently injured by barbed wire and will damage woven-wire fences by leaning on the fence. Because livestock avoid contact with an electric fence, it will last longer than other types of fence.

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