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Animal management

Demands of the Animal management


The basic for calm animals on their pasture is a good pasture management:

• always enough fresh water and food

• regular cleaning of the pasture (depends on the species)

• valuable growth of grassland due to the right care with manuring and seeding




Demands of the Airport Security

More and more airports have been constructed. Airports are usually constructed in the suburbs far from urban districts. Their perimeters are long. It’s difficult to prevent intrusions. The quality of people living around airports is relatively poor. Trespassing on airports can easily cause life-threatening dangers, and thus bring great difficulties to airport security.


Demands of the Warehouse Security

As places to store material resources, warehouses play an important role in production. Specifically, warehouses are divided into the following categories: granary, oil depot, armory, material depot, etc. The stuff stored in warehouses concerns the national economy and the people's livelihood. Some are dangerous goods; some are military supplies; some are pillar products of enterprises.



Demands of the Energy Sector Security

Petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas systems are key objects of the state’s safety protection. Once accidents like a fire or explosion occur, many casualties and heavy losses of state property will be caused.



Demands of the Lockup Security

Lockups are places with high safety requirements. They not only require stable operations of security systems, but also require immediate responses to emergencies. Electronic fences not only can prevent people in confinement from breaking through security perimeters, but also can interact with monitors. When alarms ring, cameras will turn to corresponding directions and begin to take videos. They also can be integrated into IT systems well.



Demands of the Power Sector

Urban development has brought two problems to electric power construction: first, the demand for electricity has kept growing, while the density of power consumption is high in downtown areas, so more high-voltage transformer substations are needed in urban areas to reduce line loss, but transformer substations usually occupy large areas of land; second, urban areas have high prices, strict environmental requirements and bigger migrant populations, bringing big challenges to the power sector’s security and protection.



Demands of the Military Base Security

Military bases are the state's armed forces and institutions of high confidentiality. Their security is very important. Traditional ac networks tend to cause deaths. Accidents occur from time to time and affect the relations between the army and the people. Therefore the reliable and safe electronic fence system that integrates blocking, deterring, warning functions into one is highly applicable to and widely used in military bases.



Demands of Residential Communities

As the national economy develops and the people’s living standards improve day by day, one after another, residential communities begin to use high-tech intelligent measures to provide fast, efficient, cost-effective community services and management, and provide residents with a safe and comfortable living environment.