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Animal management


Demands of the Animal management


The basic for calm animals on their pasture is a good pasture management:

• always enough fresh water and food

• regular cleaning of the pasture (depends on the species)

• valuable growth of grassland due to the right care with manuring and seeding


Are these basics covered there will be no need for your animals to leave their pasture. Other incidents can trouble your animals, like traffic noise, loud people and other (wild) animals. As an effect of these disturbances your animals feel the need to leave their pasture by breaking out. Another possibility is portion grazing. In these situations you need a fully functioning electric fence. Daily control of your electric fence should be a matter of course. Many insurance companies demand this. The fence control should be done with your own eyes and an additional fence tester. The voltage should be measured at different points of your fence and similar day to day. In the course of the year the values will differ, due to changes in the soil water level or unwanted vegetation which causes voltage deviation into the ground. Check out our electric fencing guidebook! Get important information about electric fencing 

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Animal management
Animal management